Glass Tumblers & Jugs

Mouth-blown by glass artists in the Balearics, every one of these drinking glasses is a work of art.

Elevate your jug of water and electrify your cocktails with generous tumblers that will draw as many comments as the drinks...



Set of 4 Tumblers

Late Afternoon Glassware Hielo Tumbler
Late Afternoon Glassware Terrazzo Tumbler

Set of 2 Tumblers

Brown Oro Drinking Glass Tumbler

Mouth-blown Glassware, Jugs & Tumblers

Dreamy drinking glasses and glass jugs made by hand in stunning colours. Classic cocktail tumblers and unique glass jugs, handmade by glassblowers in the Balearic Islands.

Make an impression at your next dinner party with cocktails served in these elegant tumblers. Or elevate your water glass with these drinking glasses and water jugs. They're even dishwasher friendly on a medium heat setting, making them practical for everyday use.