Inspired by: Yellow

Inspired by: Yellow

Inspiration from those that know, to help you make your home your own.

So you’re finally daring to feel cheerful after a long winter. And what is more cheerful in a home than yellow? A little daunting, yellow feels like a colour for the brave. But we hope to prove to you that there are many ways to make a sunny statement, whether you’re testing the water with a bright lamp or ready to go full yolk. Yellow curious? Read on…

A little ray of sunshine

If you’re keen to inject a little yellow into your home, but less keen to take the plunge into full sun-drenched walls and floors, how about including a mustard accent or two? Whether it be a statement ochre hued lamp, a sunny stripe on a cushion or a lemon coloured throw, here are some of our favourite ideas for how to lighten up your home with some of its warm sunny rays.

Feel that golden hour

For those more ready to embrace those warming tones, or perhaps you’re remembering with nostalgia those sun-drenched golden hours and want to replicate a little of that glow at home, do as these examples have. Enjoy a summer holiday bath everyday à la Beata Heuman, or perhaps wake up daily with the “sun” coming through the window like Lonika Chande – here are some of our favourite ideas for how to be a little braver with yellow.

Bask in full sunlight

Plunge right in the deep end and go the whole hog. You’ll never regret the “good morning” you get from your golden hallway as you leave for work, or the enriching welcome home you receive from your front door as you return home. We say just go for it as these yellow-lovers have and you’ll never have a sad day again.