Inspired by: Stripes

Inspiration from those that know, to help you make your home your own.

Are you pattern-curious but not sure where to start? Look no further than the humble stripe. Pinstripe, ticking, ultra-wide, or even a wobbly stripe… whatever takes your fancy, there’s a stripe out there for you.

This classic design motif is as comfortable adorning the walls of a bedroom as nestled amongst your sofa cushions. It’s a fun yet reassuringly safe way to introduce colour or create a bold show-stopper of a room.

We’ve gathered inspiration from the best to show you how to bring stripes into your life. We promise you won’t regret it.

Spot the stripe

Surprisingly easy to sit serenely in your scheme whilst making an understated but definite impact on your space, we absolutely love a cleverly used stripe. Subtly spice up your sofa with some upholstered cushions like queen of the blue cushion, A Considered Space. And who needs the Wim Hof method when you could start your day surrounded by this zesty tile combination from the ever-mighty Hotel Peter and Paul. Here are a few other clever ideas...

Say it with fabric

By far the easiest way to include stripes in your space is through fabric. What could be chicer than a matching headboard and cushion combo a la Chauncey Booth Interiors? Very little we say. At the opposite end of the subtlety scale, which lucky child gets to sleep under this majestic canopy every night? We’ll take one in adult size too please.